Privacy Policy

Salon Policy
1. Making an appointment for the procedure means you fully accept the regulations and the rules listed below.
2. A deposit of 20% procedure fee is required to book the appointment for treatment.
3. The deposit shall be paid within 24 hours from the time the client makes a reservation. Failure to do that results in automatic cancellation of the appointment and the date becomes available to the other clients.
4. After the procedure has taken place, the price paid to be by the Client is reduced by the amount of the deposit that was made.
5. Deposit can be paid by bank transfer. The amount number will be provided to the client after appointment booking. Reference should be Client’s full name.
6. It is advisable to make sure there are no contraindications to the procedure before you make the appointment.
7. The consultation about any treatment is always free of charge. If in any doubt about the procedure, schedule a free appointment by phone.
8. Clients can cancel their appointments 3 days before the scheduled visit. Canceling in less than 3 days before the procedure means that prepayment is lost.
9. Clients can reschedule their appointment maximum 24 hours before the visit. Rescheduling in less than 24 hours before the procedure means the prepayment is lost. I have full understanding with regards to emergency situations and in the event of such it should be communicated to us in due time.
10. Acceptable time for late booked appointment is 15 minutes, after that time I acknowledge the visit has taken place and deposit is not refundable.
11. I reserve the right to make any changes in the regulations.
12. I reserve the right to reschedule the previously booked visit after deciding with the client on a different date convenient for both sides.